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01. The Challenge & Solution

Loqqat will obtain real-time data regarding the whereabouts of the children and let parents and school know exactly where their children are and when they will arrive home or school with automated notifications when bus nearing the boarding point, when child gets picked, dropped or is marked absent. It gives the school and its transport team an edge to design optimal routes, auto-generate trips and assign them to buses in the predefined time window.

Transport team will get notified in case of any hold ups by buses as Loqqat lets the drivers to open up a communication channel with them. The team can notify parents in case of emergencies and can broadcast announcements to drivers when required. An intuitive dashboard is included for administrators to track live status of trips. The system comes with a robust stay-back and early leaving management.

Child’s boarding and dropping is confirmed by the flashing of a smart card and parents get immediate notifications. Notifications are also sent in the events like bus starting, bus nearing, pickup, drop, stay-back and absent. Accurate ETA is shown to parents from the trip start time so the parents can plan ahead and save time. 

02. Working Process

Loqqat uses enterprise Google map api services for precision of location and accuracy of time.

Intelligent route management, automated trip generations, efficient adhoc trip management, live monitoring, message broadcasting, multiple school management from the same application instance, best in class user experience are few attributes which gives an edge to Loqqat over some of the other applications available in the market.

Devices are easily switchable between buses/routes on the approval by transport team which ensures zero tracking downtime even if the assigned bus is replaced due to breakdown or repairs.

Parents can track two or more kids in the same application regardless of them being in different school or geographical location. They can request for location change by picking the right pickup/drop points from map in the app.

03. Comprehensive services

The schools and educational institutes that use the school bus tracking apps, get comprehensive services with end-to-end real time tracking, route display, emergency alerts, vehicle speed tracker, over speeding alerts and so on. This helps the schools in ensuring that they offer seamless and safe logistics for the school children. The schools and educational institutes do not have to worry about their logistics anymore, and can impart education without any obstructions.