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October 12, 2019
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01. The Challenge & Solution

  • An employee can search for tickets within multiple systems at once.
  • An employee does not need to have special knowledge about GDS to get the best ticket possible for their clients as the process is done through an intuitive point-and-click interface.
  • You can save time and money because the same person already selling other travel products can sell flight tickets and even combine products together.
  • Airline tickets are easily added to packages (itineraries, quotes), which usually include accommodation, activities, and other travel products.
  • You can apply your specific (and already defined) market/customer margin rates to flight ticket prices. The customer database is already present in the CRM part of the Lemax travel agency software solution.
  • Manage flight ticket changes and cancellations from the Lemax interface.
  • After sending a quote, get the advantage of Lemax’s automatic follow-ups, which significantly increase conversion rates and revenue.
  • Create invoices with all travel products, including flights, automatically – all within Lemax.
  • You can easily track reports of sold tickets and view the list of passengers and most-used airline companies. Finally, you can have cumulative reports on all travel products you sell.

02. Lemax flight ticket booking system features:

  • Connection to multiple airline reservations system (GDS’s)
  • Fast and intuitive point-and-click interface
  • Connection to your B2B and/or B2C portal
  • Flight ticket search (one-way/round trip/multi-city)
  • Multiple filtering options
  • Sorting by price, flight duration
  • Adding flight tickets to new or existing packages (itineraries, quotes) and customers

03. Features

How we can transform
your travel business

Complete sales automation

Improve efficiency and reduce your costs with your sales workflow completely automated.

Quote and invoice quickly

Win more sales with quick responses and beautiful itineraries.

Expanding selling channels

Boost your sales by being able to easily add and manage different sales channels.

Maximize revenue

Your Sales agents do not follow up? Use automatic follow up emails and other sales and marketing automation tools. Achieve >30% increase in your win rates.

Automate operations

Reduce costs with automatic supplier inquiry & confirmation process. Handle 10x more reservations with the same number of employees.

Automate upselling and reselling

Increase your sales with automated and tailored emails to your customers so they can purchase additional travel products.

Business intelligence

Use exact numbers to improve productivity and drive your company in right direction with smarter planning and decisions.