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Taxi Booking Application (Passenger & Driver)

Our GPS fleet tracking software helps you monitor your entire mobile workforce with easy-to-use dashboards, detailed maps and intuitive mobile apps.

Map view of all vehicles

An online map showing tracked vehicle location, status and current speed.

Near real time vehicle tracking

See near real time GPS location and speed of vehicles. Data is updated every 90 seconds.

Route replay

Review a vehicle’s movements and idle time, or replay the route taken.


Get alerted to activity for specific locations and times.

Google maps traffic data

See near real-time Google traffic information as part of your map view.

Google Street and Satellite view

Access Google Street or Satellite view when in map mode.

Manager app

Mobile app that lets managers locate assets and organize drivers in near real-time.


Receive on-demand data including daily miles, fuel usage, speeding events and arrival times.


Use up-to-the-minute, smart dashcam video to help train and protect your drivers. May require professional install.

Field service and scheduling

Add-on a fully integrated scheduling and job dispatch solution.

Roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance for Reveal offers quick, cost-effective coverage to get disabled vehicles back on the road.


Comply with the DOT’s mandate to log hours of service electronically with a user-friendly mobile app.


Our simple, no-fuss DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) app helps drivers get vehicle inspections done quickly and thoroughly.

Fuel card integration

Track fuel card usage and automatically identify suspicious transactions.

Proof of delivery

Use GPS-verified vehicle location to confirm delivery or arrival at a job site.


Get SMS or email alerts for key events such as speeding or excessive idling.

Driver assignment to vehicles

Use key fobs (Driver ID) to report on vehicle activity and performance by driver.

Plug & play GPS tracking devices

Easy activation for vehicles model year 1996 or newer with an OBD-II port.

Hard wired GPS trackers

Can be installed in the vehicle in a hidden location. Requires a technician for installation.

Driver mobile app

Mobile app to help keep drivers productive, alert them to critical events and stay connected with the office.

Vehicle sensor data

Get alerts for diagnostic trouble codes to help improve vehicle health and performance.

Vehicle maintenance scheduling

Set up service reminders for vehicles based on calendar or mileage intervals.

Fleet dashboards

View fleet performance metrics to help identify money-saving opportunities.

Automated/scheduled reports

Easily set up reports like IFTA to streamline business operations.

Vehicle and driver groups

Organize your fleet to match your company structure for easier management.

Posted speed limits

Access the posted speed limits for the routes your drivers take.

Commercial navigation

Help reduce driver stress with turn-by-turn navigation software designed for commercial drivers.

Driver permissions

Secure confidential information with custom employee access levels.

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