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Bulk Sms system

Make your global bulk message delivery faster & more reliable. Top rated customer service. Take your global bulk SMS messaging to the next level with an industry-leading platform.



Easily personalize

Compose SMS

Schedule your messages

Stagger your sends

How can Textlocal bulk SMS services help your business

No other mobile marketing or engagement channel can boast 98% open rates. SMS beats email and social media in both read rates and response rates. So whether your business is established or completely new, you can gain significant growth and improve customer satisfaction with SMS sent and received from our bulk SMS portal and SMS API integrations.

Create the most effective bulk SMS marketing campaigns

For far too long, sending bulk SMS campaigns has been like shooting in the dark. As a marketing manager, you receive little data or insights into campaign performance, making it frustratingly difficult to test, measure, modify and optimize campaigns.

Textlocal changes the game by bringing in unprecedented visibility to your SMS campaign performance. Using click-through data from Textlocal shortlinks and attachments as an indicator for customer engagement, you can now compose the right SMS message and send it to the right audience at the right time.

  • Compose the perfect SMS: What should an e-commerce company talk about in their offer text – new arrivals, free returns, lower prices or verified products? Should a fine dine restaurant talk more about live band performances or post new food shots? Conduct easy A/B tests with different messages and decide what works best for your audience. Send, measure, optimize and repeat.
  • Know the best time to send offers & alerts: #MondayMania or #FridayFrenzy? Decide the best time of the day and the best day of the week for your promotional SMS offers. Forget what the marketing pundits say and let your audience vote.
  • Validate third-party databases: Choosing between different third-party database vendors has never been easier! Just send to sample audience in both databases, measure click response, call them, validate and purchase.
  • Understand your audience: Gain rich customer insights into customer behavior from Textlocal click reports including the time of the click and device characteristics – browser, resolution, OS.
Improve conversions at every step of the customer lifecycle

Delayed or missed messages can potentially cost you a customer. Deliverability and speed are vital for enhanced customer experience and maximizing conversions across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement and retention.

  • Our platinum operator connectivity, intelligent SMS gateway technology, and highly redundant infrastructure ensure best-in-class delivery rates and speeds for all your texts.
  • Send timely SMS alerts to your customers (e.g. abandoned cart offers or subscription reminders) and improve conversion rates. Trigger these texts directly from your application/software by integrating with powerful Textlocal APIs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by quickly collecting customer feedback via Textlocal surveys and forms.
Send bulk SMS campaigns your customers love

Go beyond plain bulk SMS. With Textlocal, you can now fully customize your SMS campaigns in minutes using our easy and powerful user interface.

  • Easily personalize bulk SMS sends with multiple merge fields
  • Compose SMS in 20+ regional languages
  • Schedule your messages to be delivered at a later time and date
  • Stagger your sends over a time period instead of sending all at once
  • Send media-rich SMS with attachments, images, weblinks, surveys & more
Seamlessly scale up with reliable and secure enterprise bulk SMS gateway

With enterprise-ready features, scalable infrastructure and flexible pricing, Textlocal allows you to seamlessly upgrade as your business grows.

  • Robust SMS gateway to handle huge volumes
  • Tiered account structure with centralized/decentralized purchases
  • Multiple user roles & privileges with detailed audit trail
  • Control your SMS content with lockable templates and approval to send SMS
  • Bespoke reporting, integrations and enhanced SLAs
  • Fanatic customer support with 96% 5-star ratings

Our numerous awards and reviews over the years speak volumes about our innovation in mobile communications and commitment to customer service.

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